Welcome to Ergo Midwest!
Ergo Midwest, Inc is a provider of Specialty Medical Equipment for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Hospice and Homecare solutions. We strive to provide a comprehensive line of products to satisfy the needs of our customers.
Ergo Midwest, Inc sets the standard for outstanding customer service and takes a genuine interest in client's successful outcomes. Because we recognize that medical needs occur around the clock, we have after- hours on call service to provide you with what you need, when you need it!
Rest assured that when you choose Ergo Midwest as your provider, you are choosing a path to a positive outcome!
The staff at Ergo Midwest are here to help you to select the best medical equipment for your patients. Let Ergo Midwest help you to give your very best.
Ergo Midwest has the very latest medical advances in home and facility patient care. Let us know your patient's needs, and we will help you provide the most advanced, clinically available medical equipment.
When you use the right equipment for your patient, it provides the greatest probability for the positive outcome. And with Ergo Midwest, we help you to have that positive outcome for every patient.
Ergo Midwest - Saint Louis
70 Algana Ct.
St Peters, MO 63376
Ergo Midwest - Kansas City
3621 S. Noland Ct.
Independence, MO 64055

Our Mission:
It is the mission statement of Ergo Midwest Inc. to work in concert with the facilities we serve to provide the most advanced, clinically efficacious medical equipment available. Ours is a role of enhancement; an adjunct to the professional care givers therapeutic protocols.

It is also our function to assist in cost containment by providing equipment that allows for staging patient needs to the lowest cost and appropriate therapy. With the advent of prospective payment, that product flexibility is critical to outcome management. Under the PPS assessment/outcome formula, product cost and efficacy will be the only worthy designation.

Our product lines include low air loss mattress replacements, alternating pressure mattress replacements and various overlays for patients at risk or requiring pressure relief therapy due to decubitus ulcers. These products range from the clinical, therapeutic modes to the prophylactic. The per diems reflect this and allow for staging as determined by the facility. We have a wide selection of bariatric products to assist the morbidly obese, as well as an array of wound care and homecare products.
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